3 Years free Antifouling

Win 3 years Antifouling Free!!

Yes you can win your next 3 years antifouling by purchasing your Seajet Antifouling from Dockshop during January.

Seajet ‘Gold Coins’ winter promotion 

Win 3 year’s worth of Seajet antifoul for free!


  A series of numbered gold coins, placed randomly within tins of Seajet ‘blue-label’ 033, 034, 039antifoul will reap significant reward for  the lucky finders!
Yes, no less than 3 year’s future supply of Seajet anti-foul paint - supplied free of charge for a maximum boat length of up to 40ft - will be offered to lucky customers fortunate enough to find a Seajet numbered coin at the bottom of their roller tray.


  For existing stock the coins (plastic tokens) are individually numbered and have been designed so they cannot be detected simply by picking up and shaking a tin! 

Customers lucky enough to discover a Seajet gold coin must adhere to the terms & conditions written on promotion leaflets provided in stores and register their details directly with Seajet in Holland as soon as possible by contacting Dockshop




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