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Epifanes Epoxy Finishing Filler

Epifanes Epoxy Finishing Filler


A strong two-component finishing filler based on epoxy resins. Very fine and shrink free. Provides a very smooth surface. Apply in thin layers only (max. 1 mm.). Prior to use, stir each component separately and then thoroughly together until color is uniform. Do not use under 12°C. (60°F.). Best sandable properties are between 24 and 48 hours.






Fiberglass/GRP - steel - wood - aluminum: a fine epoxy finishing filler for use on Epifanes Epoxy Filler 1500 in two-component paint systems above and if needed below the waterline. If topcoated above the waterline with a one-component finish, first apply one coat Epifanes Poly-urethane Yacht Coating or Poly-urethane Primer.



After 24 hours @ 18°C.


Obtainable coverage

750ml. is sufficient for 1,2m² @ 0.5 mm filmthickness


Mixing ration by volume and by weight

By volume 100 : 50 By weight 100 : 50

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