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Epifanes Teak Oil Sealer

Epifanes Teak Oil Sealer


A traditional impregnating oil, based on linseed oil and alkyd resin. Protects teakwood from discoloration caused by weather or pollutants. Ideal for the maintenance of teak decks. May be applied wet-on-wet until. Well degrease wood with Epifanes Spraythinner for Paint & Varnish or mineral spirits and allow to evaparate. Apply with a wide brush, Poly-Brush or lint free cloth until saturation. Remove excess material. Attention: due to the possible risk of self ignation, after use always keep cloths soaked in water






Maintenance and protection of teak decks and other teak on board subject to heavy traffic, i.e. teak railings, grips and other teak parts on board, i.e. furniture. For interior and exterior use above the waterline. Suitable for fresh and salt water. Avoid excessive film building.



Apply wet-on-wet


Obtainable coverage

1000ml. is sufficient for 7m² depending on surface roughness and application methode

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